1. Mountain Running – Coniston

    Date 03 Oct 2018
    Image set from a mid-week break in the Coniston area of the Lake District, a beautiful village that sits beneath 2000ft high Constion Old Man mountain. We took a trip up there on our last day after dodging the weather the previous 2 days, thankfully the weather played ball and gave…

  2. Arts Council / Burnley Council

    Date 07 Aug 2018
    The Arts Council and Burnley Borough Council wanted to promote activity and culture surrounding Pendle Hill and with me living 10 minutes away, I jumped at the opportunity to help them, albeit with a crazy tight deadline of one day to shoot a variety of activity. To be able to shoot…

  3. MX5

    Date 07 Feb 2018
    My girlfriend got a Mazda MX5 Z-Sport (a limited edition build of 400, god knows how many are left running though and how many are planted in a hedge somewhere) and sunshine is rare here (which also begs the question as to why we bought a convertible in the first place) so…

  4. Mauds House

    Date 01 Feb 2018
    Earlier this week I spent the morning with Hattie at Mauds House, an independent lifestyle store in Skipton, Yorkshire, to photograph the store after a recent refresh. The place looked super nice and with the wintery sunshine flickering all over the place we managed to shoot lots of loveliness. The images…

  5. Scarborough Harbour

    Date 31 Jan 2018
    Digging through the archives and found these two from a couple of years ago. I didn’t like them at the time but after revisiting, I have a soft spot for them. Would like to experiment with more long exposure sea type stuff in Summer.

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